For a winery, sustainability is about striking a balance between stewardship of the land and the operating practices that keep the business running. In any industry, sustainability requires dedication and commitment to operate a business with a higher level of ethics and environmental awareness. In the wine industry, sustainability can be a very involved process at every level. From management of the grapes and soil to handling water runoff, to installing on-site renewable energy sources or purchasing offsets, to aggressive recycling and waste reduction, or active employee instruction on greener principles, sustainable practices and certification are extremely important to attain, and those Oregon wineries achieving their sustainability goals should be recognized.

As a partner of Canvas Host, a Portland sustainable web host, is committed to helping educate consumers about the importance of sustainable wineries. This directory features Oregon wineries involved in sustainability programs or that have been independently certified for their efforts.

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    Sustainable Practices

    The winery has an active sustainability program or has taken steps to green their business.

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    Renewable Energy

    The winery has on-site renewable energy generation or purchases renewable energy credits.

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    EV Charging Station

    The winery offers an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station for visitors.

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    Salmon Safe

    The winery makes wine from Salmon-Safe certified vineyards.

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    Certified LIVE

    The winery is certified with Low Input Vineyard and Enology (LIVE).

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    Carbon Neutral

    The winery is certified with the OEC’s Carbon Neutral Challenge.