What is meant by a wine's
What is meant by a wine's

Wine 101: Educating Wine Lovers about Oregon Wines
Chapter 5: Tasting Oregon Wines
What is meant by a wine's "viscosity"? What factors can affect it?

"Viscosity" refers to a wine's liquid consistency. A wine's viscosity will may make it appear thin and watery, or may make it appear thick and syrupy.  
Viscosity is affected by the levels of glycerols (sugars) and alcohol found in the wine. Generally speaking, the higher a wine's levels of glycerols and alcohol, the higher the wine's viscosity will be.  
Wines with high viscosity tend to cling to the side of a wine glass longer, and may leave "tears" or "legs" as bits of the wine begin to drip back down into the glass.

This article was written by OregonWines.com staff.

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