WineNav - Interactive Oregon Winery Touring Planner
WineNav - Interactive Oregon Winery Touring Planner

WineNav - Interactive Oregon Winery Touring Planner



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WineNav Instructions:

  • Oregon wineries are represented by wine bottles on this map. Click on a bottle to view a popup window with information about that winery.
  • Click "Add To Itinerary" in the popup to add that winery to your Itinerary Basket below. Once finished selecting wineries, you can sort your selections and create a custom trip itinerary.
  • Select a winery from the Itinerary Basket and click "Remove From Itinerary" to move that winery to your Holding Basket.
  • You can add the winery back to your Itinerary Basket by selecting it from the Holding Basket and clicking "Add To Itinerary".
  • The order of wineries in the Itinerary Basket is the order in which driving directions will be created on the next screen.
  • To change their order, select a winery, and use the Up and Down arrow buttons next to the Itinerary Basket to customize your itinerary.

* Hold Ctrl (PC) or Option (Mac) while clicking to select more than one winery.

** This city has multiple ZIP codes. Search by ZIP code for the most accurate results.