Oregon Wines Guides and Directories
Oregon Wines Guides and Directories

Oregon Wines Guides and Directories

WineNavtm Winery Touring Planner
Our new, interactive touring planner lets you locate wineries and create a detailed itinerary for your upcoming winery tour.

Oregon Wineries Directory
Look up your favorite Oregon wineries with this directory! With listings of wineries from across Oregon, this directory is searchable by name, location, wines produced, and tasting room.

Oregon Wines Directory
Look up information on your favorite Oregon wines with this searchable database! A compilation of wines from various Oregon wineries, this database is searchable by growing region, winery, wine type, or vintage.

Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide
Learn to pair Oregon wines go with cheeses from around the world.

Wine Varietal Guide
Learn about the different grapes grown in Oregon, how to pronounce their names, what wines they produce, and more.

Wine 101 Educational Guide
A resource that answers your questions about Oregon wines, including wine production, wine tasting, and wine culture.