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2014 J Christopher “Villages”

Varietal: pinot noir

Aromas: Earthy, Floral, Spicy, Vegetative: Luscious, floral bouquets give way to grassy fields on a rainy summer evening, with a sweet kiss of toffee at the end. The signature Chehalem traits are there. Rose and raspberry draw me to the living elements of this wine, while petrichor and cedar forest honor the structure and resilience of the Earth that brought it forth..

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What Are Tasting Notes?

Every person's palate is unique. For example, one's sense of smell may be stronger than their sense of taste. Furthermore, their ability to analyze flavors and aromas in the wines they drink can take years to develop.

Think about your own experiences tasting wine. Can you recall a time when a wine really stood out to you, but you weren't sure why? Maybe it was a particular aroma that you couldn't identify, or a lingering flavor on the finish that took you back to a childhood memory, but that's as far as you could connect the dots.

Tasting notes are designed to help readers understand the complex aromas and flavors shown by a particular wine, in an analytical way. Though wine tasting isn't a precise science, tasting notes are an effective to help you navigate through the structures of a wine. And, as you learn about how a particular wine is made, you'll also start to understand why certain aromas and flavors come through in that wine.

We're pleased to present tasting notes written by our staff, and members of our community, who include trained sommeliers, winery owners, and everyday wine lovers alike.

The Tasting Star

A unique aspect of our tasting notes system is the use of the tasting star. It's a radar chart organized with eight spokes, and is designed to help you visualize a tasting experience, from first sniff to final taste. For more information on the tasting star, check out our tasting star tutorial.